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Terms & Conditions of Service
1 Definition
1.1 "Website" refers to and any sub-domains
1.2 "Us" or "Our" refers to owners, shareholders, contractors and employees of the website
1.3 "User", "You" or "Your" refers to entities or person that use the website to access provided resource
1.4 "Account" refers to the registered access by a user using their email address
1.5 "Active Membership" refers to the period for which an account has purchased full access
1.6 "Agreement" refers to this document

2 Membership
2.1 All paid memberships are granted a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the resources on the website after logging in. If it is discovered that you have made your confidential membership access information known to another entity or person, the membership will automatically be terminated. The license granted here-in is for your personal use only.
2.2 You are not allowed to view/access any resource that you have not purchased and has not been given out freely in our demo accounts, demo screenshots or demo videos.
2.3 You are not allowed to share your membership access under any circumstance. Renting or Leasing a member account will result in immediate suspension.
2.4 Transfer of account is expressly forbidden for the duration of an active membership period.

3 Copyright; License Grant & Restrictions
3.1 The questions, answers, explanation or any other content, resources and material presented to you is protected under the copyright act and belongs to us, unless otherwise specified. You are not allowed to copy or retain any material present on our website.
3.2 You are not allowed to retain or transmit any questions, answers, explanation or any other content from the website using any method or technique.

4 Security
4.1 You are required to choose passwords that are not easy to guess, must not contain the username or any part of your email address.
4.2 You are not allowed to hack the website, any server(s) associated with the website or attempt to access any account that does not belong to you.
4.3 You are not allowed to interfere with the operations of the website in any way.
4.4 You are solely responsible/liable for all activities occurring under your own account, however, you are required to notify us of any unauthorized access to your account immediately and to change your passwords.
4.5 You are expressly forbidden from attempting to reverse engineer or from attempting to view and/or analyze underlying source code of the website.

5 Agreement Violations
5.1 Dealing with violation of terms will be at our sole discretion. Users violating the terms may have accounts suspended/terminated and/or prosecuted in the court of law at your own expense.
5.2 Automatic Account suspensions will take place for suspicious activities from any account, such as (but not limited to); Simultaneous access from multiple locations.

6 Disclaimer
6.1 Our Website is not affiliated with Medical Council of Canada.
6.2 Our website should be used only as a method of preparation for exams. We do not make any guarantees as-to the outcome of your exam.
6.3 Any external links present on our website are provided for your reference only. We are not responsible for the content and accuracy of the material presented on any third party website.
6.4 We do not provide medical advice of any kind through our website.

7 Agreement
7.1 We reserve the exclusive right to make any ammendments to this agreement by updating it on our website.
7.2 You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless against any loss, loss of business or profit, damage or injury arising out of our website, any content obtained from the website and/or inability to access our website.
7.3 If any part of the agreement is found to be invalid by any court of law, it will not invalidate the remaining provisions of our agreement with you.

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