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What you get with our software

Creating A New Exam

Using our exam engine, you will be able to choose from 3 Exam Modes, Simulate real timed exam or without time limit. Control how long, choose only NEW questions or previously incorrect. Control the disciplines that you want to be tested on and even Patient Groups. The most advanced exam system that exists!
Exam Engine - Timed Mode

Feature Rich Exam Engine lets you PAUSE or CONTINUE LATER at any time. Keeps you concious of the time left on exam (if timed). Allows you to jump across questions and marks if you have SEEN, ANSWERED, FLAGGED or NOTED anything on them. It provides you with a handy calculator and lab values as well.
Exam Engine - Tutor Mode

Exam Engine features tutor mode which lets you learn about the topics without having to answer questions, for every question that's presented. You will always get to view the DETAILED EXPLANATION below it. Our engine shows the explanation for each choice, why its correct & why its wrong.
Per Exam Analysis

Breakdown at the end of an exam shows you how you did by breaking down your performance over disciplines and patient groups. Also shows you the distribution of questions that you received for each Discipline & Patient Group
Overall Performance - Dashboard

Tracks & displays your entire progress in one view. State of the art stats show how much time do you spend on each question and how you have been performing over time in exams. Breakdown by Discipline & Patient Group also drills down to show the real weakness

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What Real People are saying

  • I did the qChimp and honestly it was very helpful I graduated 1983 and I'm an orthopaedic surgeon for over 25 years so you can imagine how good was the qChimp to let me pass the MCCEE very easily

    Mubarak M Abdelkerim

  • Since i am a doctor from another school of medicine, it is important to find out the way decisions are taken, the protocols applied here in various conditions, and this is helping me in having an idea of the differences

    Aida Assadourian, Canada

  • It was a good experience to review my studies in medicine and preparing for exam.

    Dr. Poorshaban

  • Clear and precise questions.

    Walid Nassar, Australia

  • It encourages me to move faster because I can see the time or the clock is also moving seen above the questions that I am working on. The questions are also good and would surely help me on the day of my examination.

    Ruel Seno, Canada

  • The explanation of some questions are so good that can explain the whole subject...

    Beheshteh Maleki, Canada

  • Access to system is easy. I can select no of questions each time according to my time schedule.

    Luwishennadige Fernando, Canada

  • Its helped in clearing concepts.

    Shivani Gupta, Canada

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